trading was so annoying and kind of a hard task when little kids think necklaces are worth any more than dirt. jamaa was VERY busy today, why? you ask. well, today is "big live-stream day" as they call it. its when ALL the famous jammers log onto animal jam and live stream together for a good five hours. I was at least TRYING to get through the crowd of rushing kids. even worse, no server was even two dots! all of them were full! "just great" I growled. I was bored with trading. I went to sarepia forest. my screen glitched all black, but soon went back to normal. and I was in sarepia. to my surprise, not one other jammer. YES! I was finally alone! I thought. I pranced around happily. I was teleported back to the township. about five jammers were standing there. now six, because of me. four jammers were all non member bunnies, the other jammer, was an all black wolf, ears were black, and there was no username. the bunnies were crying. "Give me all your rares or i'll hack you all and take them!" he yelled. "your just trying to scare little kids" I scolded. no response. "I said, your just trying to scare little kids! your not a real hacker!" I said. no response. I felt light headed, he was slowly walking up to me and the bunnies. I tried to run away or scream, but I was paralyzed. I couldn't get my numb legs to move an inch. "now am I real?" he asked clenching his claws. "LEAVE US ALONE!!! WHA!" screamed a bunny. he turned toward her. "maybe you should have listened!" as I was hearing him say this, I blacked out. my head was light. an hour later I woke up in my den, on my bed. "phew! just a dream!" I said. "time to get up and wash my paws and eat breakfast" I said happily. I had the realization. I looked around. I was in a cell. the black wolf had heard me. I heard a knife scrape against the wall. "did you sleep well?" he sang creepily. my heart stopped. "I hear you" he sang again. I ran under my bed. I still heard him against the wall. I didn't know what he wanted with me. I tried my best to not shuffle around of scream. I heard his feet stop. "hmmm, where could you be? hiding from ME is being a bad girl, you know!" he sang. "don't let fear show" I whispered to myself. I jumped up from underneath the bed. he was not there. "miss me?" a voice sang from behind me. I whirled around. "I am NOT scared of you" I said. he smiled a grin so big. "good, that means you won't be scared of what i'm about to do" he growled while grinning. "what are you going to do to me???" I asked, standing tall and fearless. "well, since you asked, I make hats out of real animals heads to put in that museum" he said. I stared bug eyed. "don't pretend to not be scared, little girl, I know your true feelings, 24/7" he mumbled. "why me?" I asked, with a lump in my throat. "you have a fragile skull, and soft fur" he said to me, getting in my face, I could smell jammer scent in his mouth, obviously he ate some! eat some of this fresh. bloody, bunny meat, I need to keep you alive" he said. before I could eat, he strapped me on a table. he took a black marker and drew where he would cut my scalp to size. two hours left to live for you." he smiled that smile. "i'll always remember you as one of my most stubborn victims." he said. "who are you?" I suddenly asked. "me? I am one of the first ever alphas of jamaa, but ajhq replaced me with all of the others" he said. I regretted asking. "i'll do anything to have my life! please!" I sobbed. "if you lived, you would have to be kept here in misery forever" he said. I didn't answer. "OK, guess the person who "tried to scare little kids" is going to scare you, by taking your life" he said. I remembered what I said in jamaa township. he got out a knife. "no more two hours, now" he said. I closed my eyes to get ready.

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